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Our Approach

Our Approach

The most important part of starting a small animal rehab program is the evaluation. We want to know exactly how your pet stands, how they move,  what their dysfunctions are, what you are most concerned about and why. You know your pet better than anyone! We design a rehabilitation program based on your pet's needs and your goals. Our recovery process starts with pain management then moves on to structure and function. After we have established proper mobility and pain control we progress to strength building and speed. Everyone has different goals and expectations for their pets. We want to work with you to make your pet's quality of life as satisfying and long as possible.

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Please call and we will do our best to get you scheduled for times that work with your life! We can generally make emergency appointments when necessary as well.

Meet the Team

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dr rowley

Dr. Julie Rowley’s passion for sports medicine began at a young age which guided her path to eventually gaining her undergraduate degree studying athletic training at San Diego State University …..let’s just say many years ago. While in college she ran several different indoor sports facilities before beginning her pursuit of a degree in veterinary medicine. Her original goal may have been to become a human physical therapist but somewhere along the way found that her passion for animal health and well being ran even deeper then she could ever imagine. She changed her entire career path and applied to veterinary school. Once in, she knew this was where she belonged. She received her DVM from Oregon State University and Washington State University in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since! Dr. Rowley began her veterinary career at a small animal practice in Eugene before moving to Salem in 2002. After 10 years of practice Julie decided she wanted to pursue more knowledge and expand her abilities to help animals in need. In 2011, Dr. Rowley became a Board Certified Specialist in Canine and Feline practice with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.  Although extremely proud of her accomplishment, and knowing she was now an even better doctor, she still had an inner passion for sports medicine. Dr Rowley knew she wanted to provide even more modalities and medicine to those patients who just needed more than basic medicine could provide. Those geriatric patients who always warm her heart need more than just daily pain control, they need movement. Their owners need assistive devices and options for keeping their best friends happy and healthy longer. Also athletes who need help with conditioning to keep them performing at their best or recovering from injuries - simple or complicated - common or uncommon. That’s when Dr. Rowley decided to combine her love of animals and medicine with her passion for sports and physical therapy. Julie is currently pursuing her certification in small animal rehab from the University of Tennessee’s Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program (this program includes cats as well). The next logical step was to get the equipment and facility she needed to start providing animal rehab to her patients and to her community…. That’s where Sarah our rehabilitation technician comes in. With her experience and enthusiasm to start an animal rehab facility in Salem, the dream became an action and Salem Oregon Animal Rehabilitation was born!  Dr. Rowley is currently a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, and the Marion Polk Veterinary Association. When not working at a couple Salem area veterinary facilities saving lives and improving client and community knowledge you can find her hiking, biking or kayaking all over Oregon with her husband Mark and her gorgeous English Shepherd Zeke!

animal rehabilitation

Sarah started her career with animals in high school and college where she worked as a certified dog trainer for almost 10 years while completing her education to become a CVT. A CVT is a certified Veterinary Technician or more easily related as an RN of the veterinary world. Sarah started working as a technician in 2006 and took her Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2009. After working in general practice with Dr. Rowley from 2006-2011 Sarah decided to expand her knowledge and experience. She began working at Oregon State Universities College of Veterinary Medicine- Small Animal Teaching Hospital in June 2011 while also attending University of Tennessee’s CCRP program (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) which she graduated from in 2012.  In the last year Sarah received her OCM (Osteoarthritis Case Management certification) and is working on her CAPM (Comanion Animal Pain Management certification). At the OSU teaching hospital Sarah was in charge of daily out/inpatient treatments as well as education senior veterinary students on what physical rehabilitation is, how to evaluate and treat patients as well as lecture on modalities to freshman and junior students. Sarah was also in charge of organizing/completing and evaluating data for research projects related to physical rehabilitation and orthopedic surgeries. She has worked on projects such as post TPLO recovery, animal adapted physical therapy for children with physical disabilities, bone healing with laser therapy, nutraceutical adjunctive medicine and its effects on osteoarthritis, and how surgery and physical rehabilitation effect Lumbosacral disease in dogs along with others. Sarah’s favorite part of animal rehab is geriatric medicine. She has a soft spot in her heart for all those white faces and slow movers. She also enjoys educating the veterinary community and the public on rehabilitation, she still lectures and runs labs at OSU for the veterinary students, she has lectured at international symposiums and coauthored research papers. She hopes to provide more continuing education lectures the veterinary professionals and the public in the future! She is a member of the NAVTA since 2009, OVMA since 2010 and the AARV since 2012.

When not totally wrapped up in animal rehab, Sarah is at home being crafty or reading and camping with her family and animals. She has 2 dogs, a lab and a dachshund (yes, an animal rehab professional who owns a dachshund who has had back surgery - who you may definitely see at the hospital getting therapy herself!) she has 4 cats one of which is pretty crazy Bengal named Waffles, a goldfish, 2 step kids (Lyla and Owen) and a pretty amazing husband.

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Krystina Jensen

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Toshia Stenger

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Naomi Wild

Naomi has grown up around animals her whole life, and they have always been her passion. From rabbits and ferrets, to cats and dogs - all the way up to horses. Naomi has a plethora of experience around all different species and breeds through helping friends or pet sitting for neighbors. She volunteered at Horses of Hope in Turner Oregon from 2013 to 2016 and graduated from Cascade High School in 2020. Shortly thereafter she started working at SOAR in August of 2020. She is continuing to further her education at Linn Benton Community College for 2 years and then will transfer to Oregon State University to pursue a degree in the veterinary field.  When she is not at work or studying for her classes, you can find her spending time with her family and her Belgian Malinois, Anouk.