Hello there.

Welcome to SOAR central! Salem Oregon Animal Rehabilitation is a dedicated facility to help your pet rehabilitate from an injury, keep youthful as they age, or just get stronger. Please take a look around and introduce yourself to our staff and facility. Come by anytime so we can show you why we are the best at what we do.

What we do.

The staff at Salem Oregon Animal Rehabilitation is vested in the health and well being of your pet! We are here to reduce pain, increase function and get your pet back to normal as quickly as possible. We also assist in weight management programs and fitness for working and sporting dogs. This can include various exercises you can use in your own home at your leisure.

We will keep you and your veterinarian informed every step of the way and include you in the rehabilitation process.

For Veterinarians.

We strive to help your clients and patients with their physical fitness and lifetime mobility so they keep coming back to you again and again. We want to be an adjunctive therapy to the lifetime care you provide your patients. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at any time as well as stop in and check out our new facility!

Since 1993

What is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal rehabilitation is similar in many ways to human physical therapy. "Why don’t you call it that?" you ask. Well, physical therapy and physical therapist are actually copyrighted terms by the human physical therapy group. In veterinary medicine we call it physical rehabilitation and rehabilitation technicians, assistants and practitioners. Animal physical rehabilitation strives to provide the same and even more modalities than human physical therapy. We provide post-surgery, geriatric mobility services, pain management, trauma recovery, and weight loss. As well, we provide physical fitness for all our sporting patients.


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