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About Us

Our Approach

The most important part of starting a small animal rehab program is the evaluation. We want to know exactly how your pet stands, how they move,  what their dysfunctions are, what you are most concerned about and why. You know your pet better than anyone! We design a rehabilitation program based on your pet’s needs and your goals. Our recovery process starts with pain management then moves on to structure and function. After we have established proper mobility and pain control we progress to strength building and speed. Everyone has different goals and expectations for their pets. We want to work with you to make your pet’s quality of life as satisfying and long as possible.

Featured Friends

We are here to reduce pain, increase function and get your pet back to normal as quickly as possible.


Yes, we use doggie treats to help your pet thrive. Doggie treats come in all shapes and sizes!

Enjoy Oregon!

We want to help you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful Oregon outdoors with your best friend.


Some are more adamant about getting their treats than others….

Frequent Questions

Do I need an appointment or can I just come in?

We are an appointment based facility staffed by a rehabilitation certified veterinarian with years of clinical medical experience who has trained our highly skilled rehabilitation assistants and staff. If you would like to make an appointment please give us a call at 503-673-1010 and we will find something convenient for you.

Do I need a referral from another doctor?

While we have great relationships with our referring veterinary community and Dr. Rowley enjoys teaming with the primary veterinarian to provide the best care for their patients, it is not strictly necessary. Dr Rowley will perform the initial evaluation and spend a great deal of time reviewing the patient’s history and performing a meticulous musculoskeletal, neurologic, pain,  gait evaluation and interpretation, and functional fitness evaluation. From this examination she will create an individualized treatment plan devised specific to their needs (which likely will include at-home exercises).

Can you help with weightloss?

We would love to help your pet lose weight. We have an underwater treadmill in our facility which is a great resource for helping your dog lose weight in a safe and controlled environment. Aquatic therapy in an underwater treadmill is effective for improving strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, range of motion, agility, and psychological well-being, while minimizing pain. It is also an excellent form of exercise for weight loss, as less body weight in water reduces the stress on bones and joints.We can also do specific exercises to strengthen muscles, and show you how to do some of those exercises at home as well..