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PiezoWave Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a useful modality in treating chronic and acute conditions (e.g. inflammation, tendinopathies) in postoperative patients, and also has become increasingly popular in treating osteoarthritis. ESWT uses high-energy shock waves comprising acoustic waves of various frequencies. Shock waves can travel to various tissue depths and target specific areas at different densities, both deep and superficial, which can be helpful when treating smaller, more delicate areas and joints.

PiezoWave2 VETShockwave Therapy

The use of focused shock waves is firmly established as an accepted procedure to treat many different conditions. With the increased numbers of indications for shockwave procedures and the expansion of ESWT options, the requirements for the focal zones of shock waves in terms of their penetration depth, strength, shape and volume have risen significantly. The idea that one type of focal zone fits all is therefore no longer in keeping with current user demands.