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Our Team

Meet the Team

Find out more about who we are and why we are so passionate about helping your pet. We can’t wait to meet you!

Julie Rowley DVM, Dip ABVP (canine/feline), CCRP

Dr. Julie Rowley’s passion for sports medicine began with her undergraduate degree studying athletic training at San Diego State University. While in college she ran several different indoor sports facilities until she changed her entire career path and applied to veterinary school. She received her DVM from Oregon State University and Washington State University in 2001 and hasn’t looked back since! After 10 years of practice Julie decided she wanted to pursue more knowledge and expand her abilities to help animals. In 2011, Dr. Rowley became a Board Certified Specialist in Canine and Feline practice with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.  Dr Rowley knew she wanted to provide options and treatments to those patients who just needed more than basic medicine could provide.  That’s when Dr. Rowley decided to combine her love of animals and medicine with her passion for sports medicine and physical therapy. Julie finished her certification in small animal rehab from the University of Tennessee’s Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program (this program includes cats as well). The next logical step was to get the equipment and facility she needed to start providing animal rehabilitation to her patients and to the community.  Dr. Rowley is currently a member of multiple veterinary and rehabilitation associations. When not working you can find her hiking, biking or kayaking all over Oregon with her husband Mark and her gorgeous English Shepherd Zeke

Sarah Ostrin CVT VTS- physical rehabilitation, CCRP, OCMC, CAPMC

Sarah began working as a technician in 2005. After working in general practice from 2005-2011 Sarah began working at the Oregon State Universities Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine- Small Animal Teaching Hospital in June 2011 while also attending University of Tennessee’s CCRP program (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). After receiving her CCRP she also received her OCMC (Osteoarthritis Case Management certification) and her CAPMC (Companion Animal Pain Management certification). At the OSU teaching hospital Sarah was in charge of daily out/inpatient treatments as well as educating senior veterinary students on what physical rehabilitation is, how to evaluate and treat patients along with lecturing on modalities to students. Sarah also collected and organized data for research projects related to physical rehabilitation, nutraceuticals and orthopedic surgeries. Sarah’s favorite part of animal rehab is geriatric medicine. She has a soft spot in her heart for all those white faces and slow movers. Sarah achieved her VTS (veterinary technician specialty). Sarah is also our resident “cat lady” and has worked with numerous feline patients in rehabilitation, including hydrotherapy.

When not totally wrapped up in animal rehab, Sarah is at home being crafty or reading. She has 3 dogs, 6 cats, 2 ball pythons, 1 corn snake, 1 veiled chameleon and 2 step kids (Lyla and Owen) along with a pretty amazing husband.

Krystina Jensen

Krystina started her veterinary medicine journey at LBCC earning her Veterinary Assistant Degree in 2011. Working in shelter medicine for a few years, then at Oregon State University Rehab Department working with Sarah for 2 years, before starting at SOAR. 

When not working at SOAR she works in Real Estate in the Corvallis area. You can also find her enjoying time outside with her husband, reading, or snuggling her creatures. Krystina & her husband love to travel, hike, and are avid members of the Timbers Army.

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The very best dog


Zeke loves his frisbee but his primary purpose is “The Demo Dog”. Dr Julie uses him to demonstrate the various exercises we use to help all the other dogs get better.

Toshia Stenger