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Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound is a physiotherapy technique that aims to speed  up the healing of damaged muscles, tendons, or ligaments by reducing inflammation and the amount of scar tissue laid down. 

Therapeutic ultrasound is a very high frequency sound wave that when applied to tissue via a probe head, causes the molecules in its path to vibrate at a microscopic level. This has various beneficial effects including increasing the blood circulation to the area (which brings in healing cells and helps disperse natural toxins), decreases swelling, and speeds the rate of healing. 

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy

Relieves pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures that may be associated with:
– Adhesive capsulitis,
– Bursitis with slight calcification,
– Myositis,
– Soft tissue injuries,
– Shortened tendons due to past injuries and scar tissues
Relieves sub-chronic and chronic pain and joint contractures resulting from:
– Capsular tightness or Capsular scarring